Thursday, 16 July 2015


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It was really interesting today as i asked a couple of mums why they use the "Baby on Board" sticker on their cars. The answers i got were very hilarious. 

The first mum said she started dreaming of the B-O-B sticker when
she was a teenager. She used to admire her aunt who had the sticker on her car. So immediately she got married and pregnant, she hurriedly bought her own sticker and placed on her car. As far as she was concerned.....Yes!!! There was a baby on board. 

Another mum admitted she uses hers because she believes it allows her avoid any unwanted issues with traffic corps.....Hmmmm! A funny mum said it was sort of a fad amongst her friends and she just had to have one as well. The last mum i spoke to said it was somewhat cool, trendy and!

So it got me thinking. "Baby on Board" sticker.....what is all about?

"Baby on Board" stickers were originally designed for car owners with children to place on their cars in order to alert emergency services in the event of an accident; that a child may be in the car.  It was also designed to caution other road users to drive carefully when they see a car with such sticker. 

Surprisingly a number of drivers and road users have come up to report that the sticker was sort of a distraction as it prevents drivers from seeing properly with the car's rear windscreen. A survey conducted by, a financial and insurance price comparison website claimed that the B-O-B sticker has led to 1 in 20 motorists having an accident. 

However "Baby on Board" sticker when correctly used is more of a life-saver than a source of danger. The only problem is that majority of users do not know how to use it correctly. 

How to use a B-O-B sticker:
- If you are driving without your child in car, please take down the sticker. 
- do not display more than one sticker at a time on one car. 
- do not place the sticker in such a way that it will obscure your view. 
- the most preferable position to place the sticker is on either side of the rear side window and not on the rear windscreen. 

Be safe! Please drop your comments in the comment box. E-hugs!

Mummyhive ❤️ 


  1. Hello Wando,
    I have been silently reading ur blog for the past few weeks. They are very educative and I learn everyday. Little did I know anything about bob distractions.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Syl, I'm pleased that you have learnt a lot from this blog. Please keep reading and dropping your comments. Glad to have you here. 😘

  2. Good post mummy hive, I like the new turn in your blog. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks so much NAIJA MOM. I appreciate and thanks for your advice.

  3. Good post. love your blog.

  4. Hi Carina. Thanks for your comment. Nice to have you here please keep visiting my blog.

  5. The BOB sticker was a no no for me. My husband hated it. He felt it was harmful to the child especially with kidnappers and ritualists on the prowl. In a society like ours where human lives mean nothing, it takes the Grace of God.

    1. I can totally relate to this. The sticker sort of announces to everyone that you really have a baby on board. So true. I understand why your husband has this view. God help us!