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SPANKING- A good form of child discipline or not?

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Spanking is an act of slapping a child on the bottom using an open palm. Some people classify spanking kids as corporal punishment and a form of physical abuse while some others view spanking as a type of discipline and means of correcting
an erring child. 

Spanking has become a major topic of debate amongst parents and childcare experts all over the world. 

Pro-spanking parents and childcare experts are of the opinion that a gentle smack on a child's diaper-cushioned bottom is not in any way harmful. The intention is to:
  • correct the child especially when words and warnings have failed. 
  • set limits. 
  • teach the child to live by rules. 

They further explained that spanking a child is acceptable as long as no other instrument such as wooden spoon, belt or stick is employed. However, when any of these instruments is used, it is said to be physical abuse. 

On the other side of the field, parents that are against spanking have said that it is demeaning, inappropriate and a form of physical and psychological abuse. Experts in childcare and development have pointed out that spanking can cause issues such as:
  • low self esteem. 
  • teach kids to be aggressive and violent to other people. 
  • teach kids that violence is the only way to resolve conflicts. 
  • make kids feel unloved and unwanted. 
  • build up anger and frustration in a child. 

In a popular parenting TV programme called Supernanny by Jo Frost; she has shown that there are other effective forms of discipline rather than spanking. Some of them include: 

1). Time-out: Ask the child to sit in a safe corner for a few minutes and think about what they have done. After which they come to apologise. 

2). Ignore: When the child is throwing tantrums, pretend you can't hear them. After a while the child will calm down. 

3). Praise: Praise and reward the child when he/she is good so that they will do more of that. 

4). Deprive: Deny the child of some goodies such as reduce his/her TV time, less play time etc. 

In my honest opinion, I believe spanking should be a personal decision depending on the sort of child you have and what works for you and your child. Parenting is really tasking and it is the joy of every parent to bring up an obedient and well behaved child. My advice for every parent is to apply wisdom when this aspect of parenting and nurturing becomes a challenge. 

What do you think about spanking? Please drop your comments. E-hugs and kisses!

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  1. Very good, I published a similar post on my blog as well.

    1. Oh wow!!! I'm off to read it then. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

  2. Nice post. I spank my kid brother whenever he proves stubborn and refuses to heed corrections. Sometimes I ignore him and he will cry until he falls asleep. Children can be annoying but at the same time adorable.

    1. You are right about that dear. Kids are cute but get on your nerve at times. That's why they are children.

  3. Nahh...I spank dem kids when I have to.. U knw d saying.."spare the rod and spoil the child"?? I will spank them behinds when they need to be disciplined and corrected. I also believe there shud be a balance someone told me smtym,"u use ur left hand to weild a rod and the right hand to draw the child to u in love"...:)

  4. Or is it "use your right hand to wield a rod and ur left hand to draw the child to urself"???? Hmmmm...lolzzzz

    1. Hahaha i think its right hand to wield a rod and your left hand to draw the child closer. Lol! Thanks for your comment. I'm learning a lot from you guys.