Friday, 2 October 2015


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I'm back!!! I have missed blogging so so so much, I had a lot of stuff to sort out and I am glad I took time out to do all that I needed to do. Good to be back to the blogosphere. By the way,September is behind us....can you believe it because honestly I can't.
Wasn't it the 1st of September like 30 minutes ago. Time really flies! 

This past month has been really eventful, I have loads of stories and information to share. But before I start with that, I just want to thank God Almighty for a brand new month, the 10th month of the year. God is really merciful, he's super super awesome. Do you know that sometimes when I drop my child off in school, I do a lot of thinking in my head. We (parents) leave our kids in the care of teachers and other school staff, we are not there physically to protect or watch over them. There's this feeling of helplessness that comes over me. But come to think of it, even when they are at home, you still can't give them 100% protection from the little home accidents that usually occur. 

God is just amazing. When these thoughts of mine come into my head, I remember there is a supreme being, a supernatural being up there watching over. I was at the clinic some weeks back, a young woman came in carrying her young son. He should be about 4 years of age, he had an identical twin. This little boy had a massive fresh wound on his chest caused by a hot water spill. I had chills all over my body. The affected area was bright pink because the skin had peeled off already. He was screaming in pain as the wound was being treated. His identical twin was right there and the expression on his face was pitiful. In my mind, I said this could happen to anybody, any child, any family, no matter how careful you as a parent are. 

The other day, my child tripped and fell a few minutes before I was to tuck him in bed. He cracked one of his upper front tooth, it bled for quite some time. I was really scared that it may have damaged his gum hence the prolonged bleeding. I gave him pain relief medication and he went to bed. I was glad it was a temporary tooth which will eventually give way for the permanent one so thank heavens his smile is still protected. Lol!

Anyways, my point is this....God is our refuge and divine protector. We all have to trust in him. Trusting God will not stop the bad stuff from happening but it gives you the reassurance that in the end everything will work out together for your own good. Believing God takes all the negative emotions away, wipes away the worry and gives me total peace. So this is me wishing you a wonderful October filled with Gods divine protection, favour and grace. As HE has brought us into this month he will see us through each second, each minute, each hour, each day and into another month. Much love!

Mummyhivediaries ❤️


  1. We missed you. Where have you been. GOD will continue to protect his children. Amen.
    Welcome back and don't leave your followers again like this.

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    1. Thank you Favour. You like stories ehhhh.

  3. We need to be very careful, vigilant and prayeful wen it comes to to our kids wellbeing. God guide us.