Monday, 12 October 2015


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A blog reader sent this article to my mail box yesterday, she said that I should post it on the blog so that everybody can learn. Thank you so much Tyra. I learnt a lot from your article. Much love. 

Being a mum is not an easy job. Yes, it is actually an occupation of its own. It really is. I'm not a mum yet (gimme some few years) but I have watched a lot of mums bring up their young ones. It is usually worse in cases where the person involved is a first time mum. Their experience could be likened to an avalanche rapidly snowing down from The Himalayas. It is usually a sudden and overwhelming experience. Give them a few months (after omugwo), baby fat still stuck like glue, sleepless nights and the never ending nag (murmur) of not being appreciated; and they end up looking like a village help. They stop caring about their looks, the way they dress and so on. It is not so easy I know so I have come up with a few tips which I feel may help. You could just attempt.

1. Set an alarm each time hubby is around in the morning or at night, and hand over the baby duties to him, while you swoosh into your beauty regimen. Remember to concentrate on products that could help treat your eye area (long nights equals Gucci  bag eyes). Time yourself while you are at this so you do not spend precious time.

2). Whenever baby is asleep, most mothers use this opportunity to do their daily chores and other wife duties. But at the same time, you could also maximise this opportunity. If you are one of those that love to read, I would strongly advise that you download audio books and audio messages which you could play while you are at your work station at home. If you get more time after that, reading at least three pages every other day isn't a bad idea. You must not do everything at once. You could do chores and cook today, do chores and read tomorrow,or do chores and sleep the day afterwards. The important thing is that you try as much as possible to avoid having the same routine every single day. It gets boring most times.

I will post the concluding part of this lovely article tomorrow. I had to divide it so that it wont be too lengthy. Don't forget to drop your comments, suggestions, advice or more tips in the comment section. Have a wonderful week 



  1. It's indeed true. We mothers need to adopt this. Waiting for the concluding part.

  2. Lmaoo...coming from a single lady I wont buy it, I'm sorry. when u get married you will understand better.

    1. Hahahahaha!!! I expected this comment from married women! Lol!!!!!!! Thanks for dropping by.