Wednesday, 14 October 2015


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So this is the concluding part of the post "Super Stylish Mum". I hope you were able to pick up one or two points from this article. Once again, a huge thank you to Tyra, the BV that sent in this article, personally I learnt a lot from this especially the "Gucci eye bags part" Lol! It's really not easy to be a super mum and a stylish one at that but there's no harm trying some of these tips. Lets just try okay! Enjoy the article

3. If you decide you need more TLC for instance, taking a day off in order to visit the spa, or having your nails and your hair "did", plan ahead...prepare the day before. Make sure you pack all you need for the baby and always make sure you wear loose blouses that you could easily pull up if you need to breastfeed. You could try bringing a buggy along with you or even a car seat, because you might at some point wish to place the baby in a more comfortable position for a sound sleep.

4. Please most importantly, do not let go of your stylish personality. Even if you weren't the stylish type before the baby, you really need to become one for the sake of your marriage. People need to see you and at least get a lil bit of encouragement to take the bold step towards getting married. I remember seeing some of my secondary school teachers back then and swearing I would never be a classroom teacher. But then there were some of them that looked presentable and smart in their style and manner of teaching and that made me rephrase and change my statement to "I would not like to be a scruffy looking teacher". Mothers do not need to spend time at clothing stores or boutique these days picking out outfits and dashing into the changing room back and forth. Thank God for the internet, there are many online clothing stores here and outside Nigeria. is one of my go-to stores for cool clothing, Instagram too has some cool laudable clothing vendors that sell at reasonable prices too with nationwide delivery to your door step. So what are you waiting for?

One thing you should also note is the fact that, this period is a phase, it would eventually pass and your baby/kids would grow up one day. Try to really enjoy and savour this phase while it lasts, it actually strengthens you and makes you a better person. Do not let go of your major responsibility which is giving your baby/kids all the love and care that they need all because you want to remain chic and in style as a mum. Try to strike that balance. Super mums know how to do a gazillion and one things at a time. A huge shout out to all the super mums out there. Cheers!