Friday, 21 August 2015

Finally....Stay At Home Parents Can Earn An Income

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Fancy being a stay-at-home mum or dad and still earn an income? You have kids and you are tired of staying home all day doing virtually nothing? You are a parent and desire a career that is convenient and fits into family life? 

Before I answer these questions, let's talk a bit about stay-at-home parents. Some parents especially mums personally decide not to work in order to stay home and take care of the children. Some times it is a unanimous decision between a couple, that mum becomes a full time mother to the children and the rest of the family. I say mum because it's not very common in this part of our world to see stay-at-home dads.

There are pros and cons you know. Some pros include:

- No daycare/crèche bills for the kids because you are available. 
- You spend a lot of time with the kids, witness and observe every milestone especially their firsts (first steps, first words etc.)
- A lot of money is saved on transportation or fuel expenses. 
- You have a bit more time to do other things. 

Then the cons:
- You really don't have a source of income. 
- It gets really boring to stay at home because you don't have a lot of people to interact with, adults especially. 
- You feel sort of dormant because you are not exploiting your intellectual side. 

Anyways, if you are about to make that decision, to be a stay-at-home parent or not to be? You can sit back and relax because i just might have a solution to your problems. 

Introducing GIMYlancer.....In a nutshell, GIMYlancer is an online marketplace where service providers (freelancers) and service users (employers) meet to collaborate. By service providers or freelancers, I mean those that can provide varying ranges of services to people in exchange for money. They could be hair stylists, make up artists, caterers, software developers, web designers, architects, plumbers, writers, editors, fashion designers, cleaners, etc. 

For service providers, it's an opportunity to freely advertise your services to the whole of Nigeria by posting your services (termed gig) and you receive offers from anywhere and everywhere. You can also decide to wait for service users to post their needs or projects or jobs and you bid for them at reasonable prices.

On the other hand, by a service user or employer we mean anyone who needs services or jobs to be done for them by freelancers or service providers. So think about sitting in the office and remembering you need someone to do your make up for that wedding tomorrow or someone to design your blog or a caterer for your child's upcoming birthday party. With GIMYlancer ( you can now easily get these tasks done and at competitive prices. You will find many service providers offering different prices, it's left for you to choose the best fit at the price you wish.

GIMYlancer is launching on the 23rd of September but an offer is ongoing where a number of freelancers will be selected to have their services featured free on the homepage. l advise you to visit the site  right away and drop your email to indicate interest. You will be surprised, a member of the team may contact you for a free front page coverage of your services.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on GIMYlancer and start earning today!!!



  1. Good one lady . way to go for us staying at home.

  2. - so its 23rd September. We await..

  3. Money is sweet so we will make more from gimylancer.

    1. Thanks to all the anonymous comments. Yes Gimylancer is the way to go.