Saturday, 1 August 2015


August is here. Happy New Month people! Wishing you a blessed month. 
Its been raining almost everyday for the past one week. So the weather has been really cold and nice just the way I like it. 

Unfortunately my son and I woke up days ago sneezing and sniffing. I thought it was probably an allergy that would go away later in the day, but I thought wrong. I had a cold (catarrh and sore throat). My son had just catarrh. I dread cold more than malaria so i wasn't happy at all with this development. Luckily, there was no fever. 

Usually when I'm down with cold, my mum prepares homemade ginger and garlic infusion. It really works wonders when you prepare and take it properly. I try to put off medication for infections such as common cold especially in a child. I only resort to medication when the symptoms show no sign of improvement after a few days. 

So i will teach you how to prepare the ginger-garlic infusion for cough, catarrh or sore throat. I apologise again that I don't have real time pictures, i always remember to take pictures when I'm already done. My bad!

What you need:
  • 1 piece of Lemon fruit 
  • Honey 
  • 2 pieces of Ginger 
  • 2 cloves Garlic 
  • Grater
  • Hot water (15-20cl)
  • Sieve/Strainer


  • Boil water. 
  • Wash and peel off the back of the ginger and garlic. 
  • Grate the ginger and garlic and place in a bowl.
  • Pour hot water into the bowl containing the ginger and garlic. 
  • Allow to stand for a few minutes (1-2minutes).
  • Strain. Discard the residue and obtain just the solution.  
  • Squeeze the lemon and add to the ginger and garlic liquid. Add about two to three tablespoonfuls of honey.
  • Drink while hot. 

Please remember that honey is not recommended for children below 1 year. It can grow a bacteria that produces botulinum toxin which can cause paralysis. Thanks to Naija Mom for mentioning this in my "Lunch is Served" post. 

I take about 5 tablespoonfuls every 4 hours, its so soothing. I give my child three teaspoonfuls every four hours too. 

Please drop your comments. Thank you!

Mummyhive ❤️ 


  1. An interesting could use it as a tea..thanks.way to go!

  2. Also woke up with cold, guess it's on d just seeing the post otherwise I would try it out today. Have to wait till 2moro to get the ingredients.

    1. Awwww so sorry to hear this. Please try it out and let us know. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  3. Oh..nice..thanks for this..

  4. Choi, i hope i can adapt that...Its enlightening though thanks