Wednesday, 5 August 2015


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How does this even make sense? I have read about 3 or 4 stories this past month about parents that have forgotten their kids in the backseat of their cars. Some of these kids have died from suffocation and heat stroke while others have ended up in critical conditions in a hospital. 

The most pathetic of the stories was the family that abandoned five kids in their van. The car accidentally rolled and entered into a nearby river and all the kids drowned in this incident. I honestly don't know how to wrap my head around this, i really don't know where to start. Are kids not supposed to be given priority over everything else? Its so sad and annoying because it has become so common lately. Its so distressing and painful. 

From one of the cases i read, the mum said she thought her husband had taken the baby away from the car already, so she stopped at a shopping mall, parked her car and left to shop alone. It really sounds incredible to me. Probably she was deep in thoughts or she had serious issues she was facing at that point but it still isn't enough reason to forget a child, a life, in the car for hours. 

I really don't know what should be done about this. But i have just been disturbed about this issue. Maybe the same way signs are put up at car parks for instance "DO NOT PARK HERE" or "UNAUTHORISED PARKING" or "CAR PARKED AT OWNERS RISK" etc. Maybe car parks should put up signs too in this regard such as "PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHILD WITH YOU" or "PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR CHILD IS NOT IN THE VEHICLE. I feel this would help out a little bit. 

I did some research and discovered that people are actually studying this sad phenomenon and its been named "Forgotten Baby Syndrome". I was really amazed to learn this. The experts reported that 13 kids have died in the United States just this year from this syndrome. 

The surprising fact is that the nature of parents that have been involved cut across all walks of life. From a veterinarian to a medical doctor, rocket scientist, and a school principal. These are some examples of the affected parents and they will be facing a good number of years in jail for manslaughter. It only means that it can happen to anybody at all, not the normal or less educated parents as most people would usually think. Parents really have a lot on their minds each time so at times one can become absent minded and forget certain things but please kids should not be one of them. 

I haven't come across any cases here in Nigeria probably because we don't have records or documentation of such things. But the thought of leaving a kid in the car in Nigeria.....drives me crazy. The heat, the sun, no child deserves such. People are asking for something to be invented to alert parents but so far no such invention has been created. I pray that serious measures will be put in place very soon to bring this terrible issue to an end.  

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  1. I won't totally blame them kinda, I have done that few times but I remembered almost immediately while double checking if my central locks where ok. Stress, depression and probably anxiety could be a likely cause.

    1. It means this can happen to anybody. We have to be really careful. Thank God you remembered.

  2. uhmmm.... na wa oh... its still hard to believe tho

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  3. Nice post, i wonder what one wil be thinking and forget their kids in the car, average Naija mums won't do that. i love Naija jare!!!! Fido...