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Hello guys! Its so surreal how time flies. Can you believe its the end of the month already. Wow!!! So amazing. I am so sorry for posting this really late, i have been incredibly busy lately. I have had little or n
o time to blog. Some times i start off and then abandon it half way. I'm glad that i finally put the post together. So here it is, the third part of the baby shopping list post.

7) Nappies/Diaper

8) Nursing bra, Breast pad & Sanitary towels: A nursing bra is very essential for easy breastfeeding and breast pads are a lifesaver when you start leaking milk especially in public places. 

9) Bottles, teats, bottle brush, sterilising set: These are needed if you personally decide not to breastfeed. 

10) Bibs: Some babies dribble and drool a lot. Bibs are used to protect the baby's garment from being soiled with saliva or milk when feeding. 

11) Towels, flannels, muslin squares,burp clothes: Towels for bathing,flannels, muslin squares and burp clothes are plain fabrics that are used for various reasons. Some nursing mums use it to swaddle their babies, some place it on their shoulder when burping the baby in order to protect their clothes in case the baby dribbles. Also, some use it as a light blanket for the baby and some other mums use it to cover up when nursing for privacy sake. 
Muslin squares
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Various ways to use a muslin square
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12) Cotton wool pads: For cleaning baby's sensitive areas like the eyes and keeping the umbilical cord area clean before and after the stump falls off. I noticed that some nurses and midwives suggest the use of cotton wool pads with warm water for cleaning baby's bum during diaper change especially for babies that react to certain baby wipes. 

13) Brush and comb

14) Baby bath

15) Diaper bag : I cannot over emphasize the need for a diaper bag. I love to have my stuff neatly arranged and orderly therefore a diaper bag is a must have for me. It is useful for packing and arranging baby stuff when going out. In future i will likely do a post on this. 

14) Baby Cosmetics: Lotion, Powder, Nappy cream, Bath cream.

The next post will bring you the concluding part of the baby shopping list. Please drop your comments in the comment section, i really love to see your comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely people. 

Mummyhive ❤️

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