Friday, 12 June 2015

Welcome to MummyHive Diaries

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Hello beautiful people. This post is to officially introduce my blog to you all. I chose the name Mummy Hive because this is basically a blog about motherhood (mummy-hood) as i love to call it. Then the word "hive" came to my mind because I thought of a platform, a home sort of, an audience, a place for mothers and fathers to share ideas, inspire one another, talk about the joys and challenges of motherhood and help each other in any way and every way. So MummyHive Diaries is a blog about the adventures, tales, joys and challenges of being a mum and a parent.

Just to let you know, i have zero knowledge about blogging so pardon me as i will be learning on the job. I have learnt a lot over the years and still learning about mum and baby related matters and I would love to share some of them to "mums-to-be", first time mums and even daddies and any other individual that would love to read about my experiences.

Before i go on, i would love to let you know that i am a proud mum to two lovely boys. My first son is ZD, he was born in 2012 and my second son is ZB and he was born in 2015. I had my first son at the age of 22 and my second son just before i clocked 25. So i have a child currently experiencing the "terrific two's" stage and another child who is an infant and trust me you know how demanding it is to nurse an infant.

Motherhood is lovely, its fun, its crazy at times especially when you have a hyperactive child like ZD. OMG! Mummy-hood is interesting and fulfilling, it's so rewarding to know that you have the  responsibility to take care of life and in my case two lives. It's  just a blessing that i pray every woman would experience at the right time of their lives.

So i noticed a lot of people (mums especially) keep asking me "How do you do this for your kids" or How did you do that? Where did you get that? What's your opinion on this? How did you achieve this or that? I seem to have acquired a lot of knowledge about general stuff especially because i read a lot ( books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and of course TV) so i thought why not start a blog! Its the 21st century so i thank heavens we have a lot of digital mummies and parents with their smartphones, laptops, iPads just to name a few. Lol!

Also, i am a Christian. I love God and i represent God wherever i go so from time to time i would post Christian and Godly articles for parents just to inspire and encourage each other because honestly its not easy, some days are bright and fun while some days are so demanding and challenging. Kids can stretch you till you almost break (i call it my elastic limit). I actually get through such days by Gods special grace and favour.

So here it is, my blog, our very own blog. MummyHive Diaries. I'm super excited about my blog, please spread the word to your friends and loved ones. Tell them about MummyHive Diaries.



  1. Wow, exactly what i need now...cant wait for advice and information to start flowing. Please don't keep us waiting.

  2. Thanks Anonymous 16.15 and Dove. Thanks for dropping your comments. Bookmark this page so you don't miss any posts or subscribe to Mummyhivediaries to get the latest updates straight to your mail box. Cheers!

  3. Awww! I like you already. Can you include relationship advice as well on your blog?

  4. just discovered your blog from naijamumdiary's blog..nice to meet you and your kids have lovely names!of to read the rest of the posts.

  5. Thanks a lot. Anonymous 23:47 for visiting my blog I really appreciate. Thanks for your suggestion, it's a really wonderful idea. As the blog grows i will definitely expand my content. Please bookmark this blog. Cheers!

  6. Miss Chrissy, welcome to Mummyhivediaries. Glad to have you here. Thank you!!! Off to check out your blog and please keep visiting and dropping your comments.

  7. you are a great mum dear, i love and appreciate u and the blog...quite educative for both mums and to be mum like me. cheers!