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Finally here comes the end of the baby shopping series. I hope and believe that it has been very useful to some one out there. Like i said my posts are basically my personal experiences and few challenges i have encountered as a parent, so let this serve as a guide for all parents and first time parents. 

Then, if you are not on a tight budget and you decide to splurge. Here are a few more items you can buy. 

-Car seat: For safety while driving with the baby, it is a law in most countries to use a suitable car seat.    
-Strap on baby carrier
-Baby monitor: Honestly i think i have used this just once. 
-High chair
High chair
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-Baby swing/rocker
-Bouncy chair
-Breast pump
-Nursing pillow
-Nasal aspirator: Used for physically clearing the baby's nose so your baby can breathe and feed more easily. 
-Bath thermometer
-Nappy sacks: For proper disposal of used nappies. 
-Baby body thermometer 
-Nail manicure set
-Nipple cream: When i had my first baby, the first few days of breastfeeding was hell. I had terribly sore nipples, it hurt so much. Luckily a lady gave me this wonderful nipple cream. I cant remember the name but i know it had chamomile and it worked like magic. It soothes the nipples and facilitates healing. 

-Sleeping bag: Midwives and baby experts strongly recommend the use of sleeping bags in place of blankets and shawls. The reason is because:
  • They stop babies kicking off their covers and getting cold. 
  • They can’t be kicked over your baby’s head or get tangled up. 
  • They keep babies at a comfortable temperature all night long. 
I got a sleeping bag as a gift when i had my first baby but for some reason i did not use it. But with my second baby i have been using one and it is really worth buying. 

So there it is, a list of all the really essential items one should buy when shopping for a baby. Whether you are on a tight budget or you decide to splurge, this list will guide you while shopping.

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Happy Shopping y'all!!! Jesus loves you! Yes he does! 

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