Monday, 15 June 2015

BABY SHOPPING : What you really need.

So you are expecting, you are going to be a yummy mummy or a proud daddy soon. You are over the moon, super excited and thankful. Yaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! 

Pregnancy is a lovely experience. It is a smooth, graceful journey for some women and for some others its a nerve-wracking nine months. My experience in both pregnancies were pretty similar. In each pregnancy i had the usual first three months of fatigue, general feeling of being unwell, loss of appetite, occasional headaches, spotty chin, tender breasts, funny cravings, sudden dislike for meat and cooking, frequent trips to the loo. The remaining 6-7 months, i was pretty calm and nice, well apart from the crazyily intense back ache i had in the final weeks of pregnancy. 

Ok, back to my topic- Baby Shopping! There are tons of attractive baby stuff out there to choose from. The tough question is,what do i really need to buy for my baby? 

While shopping for my first baby, OMG! I wanted to raid all the baby stores, I completely lost control. Lol! I wanted anything baby and everything baby. A lot of first time mums and parents can totally relate to this. After i put to bed, i realised i did not use a whole lot of stuff i had earlier purchased. For instance baby outfits, i bought a lot of newborn outfits. The cute tiny tops, the tiny baby jeans and suits. So so so amazingly tiny and cute!!! You just want to have them all. So yes I splurged! I bought a whole lot and eventually did not get to use up to a half of them. 

I found the baby sleep-suits( overalls) and body suits very useful at this stage. Bear in mind that you only need a few first size clothes as newborns grow very quickly. They go through a growth spurt in the first few weeks of life. So when i was shopping for my second baby i invested more on body suits and sleep-suits but I still did not splurge because like i said earlier babies grow so quick. 

Sleepsuits and bodysuits
Photocredit: Google images

I could go on and on about outfits, but i will just go ahead and compile a comprehensive list for all first time parents to use as a guide especially if they are on a tight budget. 

To see my baby shopping list compliation, kindly check out my next post. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL week y'all!  
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  1. Nice write up nwando. Definitely saving this for the future.

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  3. interesting read..i hope i dont splurge on clothes when my time comes ooo..i love buying clothes so i can only imagine what id do when i see all those cute baby stuff..

    1. Lol! I know right! And baby clothes are sooooo cute! Awwwww!

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